Welcome to my Website!

My name is Charlie, but I also go by Moose T., Peppy, Carlton, and a plethora of other names!

Here's a link to my VRChat page! Vee Arr Chat.

(I'll add more links l8er lawlz)

My pronouns are he/it/they with heavy preference for he and it!

I like this pic so I'mma keep it here!

Short List About Me:

My mental illnesses are really taxing and sometimes debilitating, so I apologize if I'm wonky!

Speaking of Mental Illnesses...

I am plural, and I also deal with:


i am a broken little beast but i am doing my best

Anyway that's all I wanted to put for now! Sorry my site is so bland, I will add more when I feel like it lawl! Hope u like it anyway!

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